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    Thank you for visiting our web site - enjoy your visit!

    Custom work and natural design is our specialty.

    Our list is unlimited - no job is to big or to small.

    Thank you for visiting our web site - enjoy your visit!

    Custom work and natural design is our specialty.

    We look forward to hearing from you. It is our pleasure to assist you.

Halford Playground Solutions - Playground Equipment Windsor, Hamilton , and Kitchener

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Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site!


Halford Playground Solutions Inc. has been creating play spaces that connect children to play for over 15 years. Our head office is located in Maidstone, Ontario and the company is 100% Ontario owned.

The Halford team includes Certified Playground Inspectors and a Registered Playground Practitioner. We believe in optimal play experiences for all children in their playgrounds through creative, innovative and fun designs! We support child development through a variety of experiences in traditional, nature inspired play spaces or a combination of both.

Our well-balanced team of dedicated employees provides a blend of experience, innovation and creativity to complete the design and installation of your play space including a variety of surfacing options which are also installed by our own teams.

Halford Playground Solutions is committed to always using quality material that is North American manufactured and we manufacture and design in accordance with CSA-Z614.

Halford Playground Solutions is a member of The Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario and the owner is a member of the Canadian Association of Playground Practitioners.

We have created a seamless process to design your playground that includes input and involvement from our customers.

We believe in what we do and are committed and excited about sharing our expertise and insight to building your playground to meet your needs because we know that makes a difference. We work with you for the best possible plan to develop children’s minds and bodies with optimal play spaces for activity, creativity and education. We recognize that no one customer is the same. We are at the head of our class when it comes to developing your playground and you can count on our senior staff always to be available for consultation, presentations and answering questions before, during and after production.

We welcome you to visit our website to view many of our projects. We are much more than a playground installer as we also install bike paths, bridges, flower gardens, hill slides, many options for sandboxes, all types of surfacing and many natural additions to your playground as shown on our web site. At Halford Playground Solutions, we look forward to starting your playground process. We have a long list of satisfied customers throughout Ontario and we will ensure that the children have wonderful places to go outside where they can both play and learn.

Matt Halford



At Halford Playground Solutions, we specialize in designing custom playgrounds and playground equipment in Windsor, Hamilton , and Kitchener. Visit us at HalfordPlaygrounds.com if you are looking for high quality, affordable playground equipment and designs in London and all of southwestern Ontario and the surrounding areas.

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